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Cash Payments For Your House Sales In Manchester With Our Home-buying Services

Get a cash payment for your house, fast, with the reliable home-buying services provided by Briks and Motar Ltd in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham and London. We deal with all types of property and our home-buying services ensure a hassle-free experience, whether you wish to sell a house, a flat, an apartment or a country house. 


We specialise in cash transactions and provide quick and reliable property valuations to simplify the property sale process. Our team assists with help-to-buy options and offers property planning services to make your journey smoother. Our land agents help in building refurbishments and property management solutions to enhance the worth of your property before sale. 


Trust Briks and Motar Ltd for simple, efficient and transparent home-buying solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today to finalise your deal!

Our Home-buying Services

Discover hassle-free home-buying arrangements with our professional services and helpful advice. Whether you are looking to relocate or refurbish a new property, we specialise in property buying and have a range of properties for sale. Let us ensure a smooth and efficient process for the sale of your house.

Realtor giving keys to the new owner of the house

Buying And Selling

Navigate the property market effortlessly with our expertise in property buying and a diverse inventory of properties for sale. We simplify the buying and selling journey for you. Our land agents will guide you through every step of the process. 

Planning And Valuations

Explore worry-free property endeavours with our property planning services and precise property valuations. Our practical and efficient approach ensures clarity and confidence in your real estate decisions. We offer excellent prices and value for money. 

Diverse Properties

Explore a broad spectrum of housing options with us. Whether you're looking for the cosy charm of houses, the convenience of flats, the modern appeal of apartments, or the tranquillity of country houses, we have tailored solutions to match your unique preferences. Our commitment is to simplify and enhance your property search, ensuring you find the ideal home that suits your lifestyle and needs. 

Property Management & Refurbishment 

Upgrade your property seamlessly with our property management and building refurbishment services. We focus on quality and efficiency, ensuring your space meets all building standards and regulations without unnecessary complications. Moreover, we help you design and develop your property to enhance its value. 

Simplify Your Home Selling And Buying Experience. Call Us On 07930 753118 And Get A Quick Cash Payment For Your House.

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